| Feb. 2, 2018 | Hunt Research

With the end of January came the close of the first big game application period in 2018. Best of luck if you put in for a nonresident Wyoming elk tag! Draw results are scheduled to be out on February 22.

In the month of January we updated and released 2017 draw information for Colorado, New Mexico and Utah. For now, we did not make any major changes to the way that we look at and process the draw data in those states.

Because it is based on straight preference points, the draw in Colorado is pretty straight forward for elk, deer and antelope. The weighted preference point system for Moose, sheep and goats is more complicated. To find out more, review the information in our draw odds explanation for Colorado.

We spent a lot of time last year working on and completing a draw simulation to determine your real draw odds in New Mexico. Look for a forthcoming article here on Toprut with further analysis about how the 2017 applications turned out with regards to groups and choice orders. We have also compiled and staged all of the draw information for the New Mexico exotics (oryx, ibex and barbary sheep). Those will be published as time allows.

In Utah, we have a pretty substantial supplement coming to what we currently have available. The information we have now is based on the standard draw data reports the state provides. In the future we will be releasing an update to the draw odds that will also factor in actual group applications and the one limited entry tag per year maximum that Utah imposes.

In addition to the updates noted above, we plan to release updated draw information for 3 more states in the coming weeks. In order: Montana, Nevada, Idaho.

Good luck!

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Date has been set and published
AZ [1] Jan. 11, '19 Feb. 12, '19 Mid March
AZ [2] Early May Mid June Mid July
CO Mar. 1, '19 Apr. 2, '19 June 3
CO [3] May 3
CO [3b] Aug. 8, '19
ID [4] Apr. 1 Apr. 30 Early June
ID [5] May 1 June 5 Late June
MT [6] Feb. 19, '19 Mar. 15, '19 ~Apr. 24
MT [7] End of Mar. May 1, '19 ~Jun. 11
MT [8] End of Mar. Jun. 1, '19 ~Jul. 30
MT [9] End of Mar. Jun. 1, '19 ~Jul. 16
NV Mar. 18 Apr. 29, '19 May 24
NM Jan. 16, '19 Mar. 20, '19 Apr. 24
OR Early Feb. May 15, '18 Jun. 20
UT Jan. 31, '19 Mar. 7, '19 May 31
WY [10] Jan. 2, '19 Jan. 31, '19 Feb. 21
WY [11] Jan. 2, '19 Feb. 28, '19 May 9
WY [12] Feb. 1, '19 Feb. 28, '19 May 9
WY [13] Jan. 2, '19 May 31, '19 June 20
[1] = AZ: Elk and Antelope
[2] = AZ: Deer, Sheep, Bison, Fall Bear/Javelina
[3] = CO: Sheep and Goat Results
[3b] = CO: Over the Counter Sales Begin
[4] = ID: Sheep, Moose, Goat
[5] = ID: Deer, Elk, Antelope
[6] = MT: Deer, Elk
[7] = MT: Moose, Goat, Sheep, Bison
[8] = MT: Antelope
[9] = MT: Deer B, Elk B Licenses
[10] = WY: Nonresident Elk
[11] = WY: Moose, Sheep, Goat
[12] = WY: Bison
[13] = WY: Res./Nonres. Deer, Antelope - Res. Elk