How do you calculate the draw odds?
In order to get the most accurate results possible, we simulate each state's draw using computer programs we created that mirror state procedures. Our simulations use the entire applicant database from the states, including hunt choice order and group application information where applicable. As fees increase and demand grows, understanding your true chances to draw should be an important part of your hunt plans and budget.
What states do you cover?
Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Montana, New Mexico, Nevada, Oregon, Utah, and Wyoming. Washington will be added in Q1 2023 and we will include additional states in the future.
Why do draw simulations produce more accurate odds than simple spreadsheet math?
Every state has its own unique drawing procedures. When calculating the true odds one must consider point systems, applicant pools, capped species quotas, hunt choice orders, and the manner in which each application is evaluated before moving on. This quickly becomes extremely difficult or impossible to do with simple math. Check out some prior articles we've published on this topic:
Do you offer a free trial?
Unfortunately no, there is no free trial. Instead of a trial period, we publish an older set of our data that is freely available to everyone. Click on "DRAW ODDS" in the main navigation to explore a state/species and get a feel for how information is presented and organized. Example: Wyoming Elk
When do you update your data?
States release new information at varying times throughout the year, but annual regs and quotas usually start getting published in December. The latest harvest information from the prior year usually begins coming out in March and we typically start updating draw odds in May after some of the the annual draws have completed.
I'm researching for 2023 hunts, but your most recent draw odds are from 2022. Where are the 2023 draw odds?
This is a common misconception. We can't publish the current year's draw odds until after the current year's draws have actually occurred. Since the current year's draw has not happened yet, the draw odds data we collect and analyze are for the past year's hunting application season. This is not a predictive tool for the current year. The best way to research for current year applications is by using data from the previous year's draws.
Why don't you provide unit trophy ratings or "hit lists"?
We believe you can generally infer the quality of a particular big game unit from demand and draw odds. Underrated "sleeper" units and hunts do exist, but they wouldn't be sleepers long if they are actively promoted as such. Additionally, there are plenty of great services like our partners at Huntin' Fool that can provide personalized guidance on hunt selection if you require it.
How do I get access to Toprut?
Toprut is now part of the onX family. Toprut is free with your onX Elite membership level. Go to our login page and then click on the Login with onX button. You will get an onX Login screen - sign in with your onX user account information. If you are not an onX member you can signup for a membership here and receive 20% off your first year.
Once I sign in to onX, I am being asked for permission to give Toprut access to information about my onX account. What information is Toprut getting?
We only receive enough information to create your Toprut account - name, email and information about your current membership level. We do not get any information about your mapping activities within the onX Hunt app itself.
I am currently a Toprut member, but want to switch my annual subscription over to the free onX Elite Partner Program. How do I do that?
Just use the Login with onX button once on our login page and it will validate your onX Elite subscription and move your annual plan over to the onX Elite subscriber benefit.
How do I get in touch with Toprut?
Please reach out using the Contact Us page.