| Dec. 28, 2021 | Hunt Research

Application season will soon be under way and it's time to get serious about your 2022 plans! If you are a nonresident and considering your options for Wyoming elk, you shouldn't overlook the available antlerless hunts that are available throughout the state.

In Wyoming there are 2 primary antlerless elk tag categories: Full Price and Reduced Price. Other than the obvious cost difference there are are also a few other important things to know about Full vs. Reduced price antlerless tags.

The deadline to apply for nonresident Wyoming elk is January 31.

Full Price ($707 or $1283)

Full Price antlerless elk tags are listed as "Type 4" or "Type 5" elk licenses and they are priced using the same fee schedule as Antlered or Any Elk tags. In Wyoming that means you must additionally choose which draw to apply in. The Regular draw is cheaper ($707 tag fee) and typically has more demand. The Special draw is more expensive ($1283 tag fee) and as a result the odds of getting a tag are typically better.

The other important thing to understand about Full Price antlerless licenses is that preference points matter. If you apply for a Full Price antlerless (Type 4 or 5) tag as your 1st Choice, and you draw it, you will lose all elk preference points you have accumulated. However, if you successfully draw a Full Price antlerless tag as your 2nd or 3rd choice, you will not lose your preference points.

Reduced Price ($303)

Reduced Price antlerless elk tags ($303) are listed as "Type 6" or "Type 7" elk licenses and they are offered to encourage additional elk harvest in areas where populations are above objective. This is a separate drawing and it occurs after the main Full Price elk draw has completed.

This is a random drawing - preference points are not considered or accumulated for Reduced Price tags. Drawing a Reduced Price tag will not impact your elk points even if you draw your 1st choice. It is possible to have both a Full Price elk tag AND a Reduced Price tag in the same year and they do not need to be for the same area or unit.

There is also something called a "Withdrawal Block" that you can choose to enable when you apply. It basically allows you to opt-out of your Reduced Price application in the event that you do not draw a Full Price tag. So if you are only interested in getting a Reduced Price tag as an "extra" to another hunt, this is a good option to consider.

Draw Odds from 2021

The table below contains nonresident draw odds information for all Full and Reduced Price antlerless tags in 2021. The Leftover column indicates if tags were available in the June Leftover drawing. A hunt can end up on the Leftover list even if nonresident tags sell out in the initial drawing. This occurs when resident demand isn't sufficient to sell out the entire quota for a hunt.

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Full $ (R) = Full Price, Regular Draw $707
Full $ (S) = Full Price, Special Draw $1283
Reduced (Hunt Type) = Reduced Price $303