Send us some hunt choices. We'll calculate the odds at each choice level and put them in the correct order.
Hunt Choices
Hunt codes shown are for the 2021 application year.
Calculated based on the odds from the 2021 draw and a single applicant.
NOTE: This calculator presents the odds in a way that is different than how we normally show them and it can be a little confusing at first.

Let's say you have 3 hunt choices where the odds listed in the normal List View are: Choice 1: 5% odds, Choice 2: 10% odds, Choice 3: 20% odds. Your overall odds for the application are always = to your easiest to draw choice (20% in this example).

This calculator shows the odds you will actually draw a choice given ITS POSITION ON THE APPLICATION with respect to the other choices. So in our example you would get: Choice 1: 5% Choice 2: 5% Choice 3: 10% (still 20% overall - the calculator displays the odds so that you can see how that 20% overall application odds % is split up amongst your choices).
If you are applying as a group your odds were less than what is shown here - particularly for nonresidents/outfitters.
Not familiar with how we calculate draw odds in New Mexico? Read This